New Year's Resolutions


I am notorious for not holding myself to ANY of my resolutions and that's why last year I refused to make any, thinking it was silly, if I wouldn't complete any of them anyway. Come August, I had changed my mind and swiftly made 4 month resolutions to complete before the end of the year. No one (unless you are one of those people I hate) will stick to all of them, but it is all about bettering ourselves and having goals to achieve, which pushes you that extra bit. So without further ado, these are my 2012 resolutions...

  • try and save a bit each month (I never put any money aside....ever! I think that needs to change)
  • exercise every 3rd day at least! That works out to be 121.66 days of the year. Since I have been in London I have probably exercised 20 times, if that, and that's in 15 months.......eek!!!!
  • to not always eat till I feel full
  • to put more effort into the friendships that are reciprocated and to let the others fall by the wayside
  • to get a dog...preferably a beagle :)
  • to start a book club when back in Cape Town (or a wine slash gossip club)
  • to visit my favourite spots in the Kruger Park
  • to stop living for the future and enjoy today
  • to learn more about photography

I think that's enough for the time being...all very serious. I also want to have a mini resolution for the beginning of each month and I challenge you to do the same. Stay tuned for January's one.


What are your resolutions for 2012?



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