Blogging Sabattical

Wow! More than 4 months since my last blog post. I can't tell you how much I have missed blogging! Unfortunately work and life (although work is my life at this stage) have been so demanding, that I haven't had time to even shave my legs, let alone keep a blog on track. My aim is try to become better at multi-tasking...

I have missed the blogosphere, other blogs and all you crazies that actually read the shit I write.

Here's a recap of what has been happening over the last 4 months

- I got engaged. YAY! The Boyf has tossed his old title and has now become

- I am working like a dog
- as a result I still get back pain, hip pain......basically body is still falling apart
- I still hate medical students
- and I still hate tik users

So not much has changed.

Normally not one to put a question out there, but...

Do you think I should continue my blog?

I love blogging, but putting time and effort into it if no one reads my rantings and ravings is pretty futile. So please be so sweet to leave a comment below!

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