Birthday Bliss

So Little Miss Medic turned 29 last week. The last year before the big 3-0!

I had a perfect day filled with fun, shopping and pampering. I also got totally spoilt and got loads of beautiful presents, namely jewellery....the best kind of present!

I also had my hair done and decied to go brown. Big shock from the blonde that I have had for EVER. ie always. I am slowly getting used to it, but the scariest thing was seeing it when it was wet, it had a red tinge. I wanted to die, especially since I have just posted my theory on Gingers this week.

Yesterday I got onto the tube. There was one seat left. It was next to a GINGER boy. What to do? Sit next to him....or stand. I decided to stand :) What would you do?

Stay tuned for pics of my presents.




Ode to the female retard...

Last night I saw a patient. She was 29. She. Was. Also. A. Retard!

"So I put in a tampon today and now I can't find it! I even asked my boyfriend to look but he can't find it either."
Deep breath in!

This is excatly what I feel like doing at 11pm, hunting for a lost tampon.

"Are you sure you didn't take it out and that you don't remember!"
"I definitely didn't take it out. And I am worried as I've forgotten to take one out before for 3 weeks and it was really gross and........"
STOP right there! I do not want details.

I examine her and do not find the "lost" item.

"It's definitely not there. Maybe try remembering if you remove it or not next time, or write it down."

10:00am - insert tampon

16:00pm - insert ANOTHER tampon

04:00 - realise I am a retard and rush to the ER in the middle of the night

Note to self: do NOT procreate!!!

So this week's tip: Keep track of your tampon :)



Tube Wonders - Part 1

The London Tube is a wonderful thing. I am always armed with my book and iPod, but the last few days I have been provided with so much entertainment, that I have hardly needed a book/music.

Day 1:

The were two twins on the tube with their father, around 4 years old.

They were GINGERS!

I have a theory about Gingers.......

it goes like this............

don't be shocked......

all gingers should be


when the first fiery orange hair sprouts!

I know, its mean. But they really are horrid.

There are some beautiful Gingers out there, who luckily escaped their fatal drowning and for that I am glad!

                                   The absolutely gorgeous Julianne Moore............

                               My future-husband, hate to admit it, but he is YUM!

                             Timeless beauty, even with the help of a little botox.

                                        And what would CSI be with out Horatio?

Now on the other side of the scale......

These little F*%KERS, should be drowned!

I promise that I will spend the rest of my medical career trying to find a cure....pinky promise!


And the winner is..............Little Miss Medic

Having a blog, means that you end up following and reading a lot of other people's blogs. One such blog is Being Brazen. I absolutely love it and read it almost everyday. I entered a competition on her blog and .........I WON!!!!

I have never won anything...ANYTHING!

This has so made my day. The highlight of my day prior to this, was getting chips from Burger King...(sad I know)

This is what I won:

An initialled bracelet (not with a "P"), so pretty! Go check out her blog.




Fringe Season 2 Finale

Do NOT read if you haven't watched or finished Season 2!!!!!!!

It seems like lately I have only been working and watching series on my laptop. Yip. I am officialy that loser person! :)

But seeing The Boyf is back in South Africa for 2 months, its dark by 4pm and I work till 7pm...I only have time for activities involving PJs and my duvet.

Enter Fringe.....

One of my friends got me hooked on this series. I watched Season 1 + 2 back to back. The last episode is so HECTIC, that I am dying to see what happens next. Will they realise that its the "other Olivia"? Will Peter forgive Walter?.......So many questions, so little time.




Hometown Glory

Working a normal 8 hour day and commuting for 4 hours, for 16 straight days is enough to drive anyone insane. On my way home tonight, whilst pondering how I was going to find time to do laundry, cook a meal and get enough sleep to begin the mundane cycle again tomorrow, I decided to treat myself to a takeaway meal at the local Korean place. I walked through the door, in total London fashion - iPod on in one hand, oyster card in the other. The owner approached me and as I placed my order, she ushered me into a seat and placed a cup of steaming, traditional tea in my hands. Whilst I waited for my food, I looked around the restaurant at all the couples and friends sharing dinner. I felt out of place sitting on my own. As my food arrived and I got up to leave, the owner held the door open for me and she gently placed her hand on my arm, telling me to have a good night. This small act of kindness had caught me off guard. As I trundled off down the road with my brown paper bag, tears started to stream down my face. I have spent my days convincing myself that I am fine, even tricking myself that I am happy. When in fact it has been a charade, one that has kept me sane until now. My steely resolve to make my moving here seem worthwhile, when in fact I am alone and slightly miserable, is starting to wane. I put my iPod on and as I listen to the lyrics of Adele's "Hometown Glory" walking home in the dark, I pray that this all pays off!



Calorie Counter

Yip it's that time of the week again!

I wanted to share something with you that has helped me tremendously. Its a calorie counting website which lets you log what you've been eating. It's great for warding off the "Winter bulge" or if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, keeps you looking beach perfect.

I have used this everytime I feel like I am eating too much crap and want to keep things under wrap. Basically it takes your weight, height etc and calculates how many calories you should be consuming each day. The great thing is after logging on your daily food, it tells you what main food groups, vitamins etc you are lacking and puts everything into a graph. Also you can enter in daily exercise, which means you get more calories to eat!!!!!

It has every food under the sun, calculated into calories, protein, fat, carbs and minerals.....all ready for you to access.

It does take time to find all the foods initially, but if you eat them often, tag them and they will be saved for future use.

Get ready to be healthy and slim by using calorie count!!!!

Good Luck - let me know how its going.




Boxset Addictions

I have just spent the last 2 days at home.....4 words....Gossip Girl Season 3.

I know I'm a bit behind, as everyone is raving about Season 4, but relocating to another part of the world can do that to you.

Anyway....OMG! The finale was so hectic and I can't wait to get my grubby, little, addicted paws onto Season 4.

The outfits, the drama, the betrayal. It's all just so irresistable and perfectly enslaving!

In true GG fashion........xoxo


Meet Christina

Today I'm taking a trip down Memory Lane and back to the Labour Ward!

Enter Christina............

Christina was pregnant...........................with twins.

Christina also had a psychiatric disorder, which had been made worse by the fact that she was pregnant.

Her husband had brought her into the hospital because she became delusional at home and he was concerned.

"Hello Doctor. You have to help me! I want these babies out of ME! They must come out now. I don't want them anymore."

"But Christina, the babies are still too small and won't survive on their own. They need to stay in your tummy and grow a bit more." I explained.

"No. I don't care. You must take them out or I will."

Christina ended up spending 3 weeks in the ward, as we were worried about what she would do.

Eventually the day of her caesarian section arrived. Christina had coped quite well up until this point, despite her delusions.

In the theatre, she started to become agitated and demanded water. We explained that she couldn't have any right now but after the operation we could give her some. I was doing the caesar and she started to wriggle around and scream....

"...water Water WATER!" but the way she said it, it sounded like wa-TA, wa-TA!

"Please Jesus help me! I need wa-TA!"

Our senior doctor, who was very religious, then proceeded to tell her that Jesus would not help her, unless she behaved, and acted like a good mother. This sent her off into a complete spin.....


She continued this crazed chanting........

When the operation was finally over and she was handed her two beautiful baby boys, she started to sing to them and kissed each one gently on the forehead. This just proves how motherhood can change you.

Ten months later, I came across Christina again, one night in the Emergency Room. One of the twins was sick.

"Hello Christina. How are you? Do you remember me?" I asked, not expecting much.

"Yes, yes. You took my babies out. Thank you! But now one of them is sick. Bandile has been vomiting."

In the Swazi culture, twins always had similar names. Dudu and Gugu. Siphokazi and Siphosethu. And Bandile and Andile.

The two boys were healthy and well looked after, and Bandile recovered quickly. Christina had completely transformed into a stable and competent, loving mother. That is the one part of my job that I love...seeing the same patient later on and finding that everything is perfect.



Little Miss Medic Returns

Hello peeps,

I have been MIA for the last 2 weeks. No excuses, but I was in Germany in a tiny village with no such thing as wireless, let alone good old dial-up.
How have you all been?

I am hoping that 2011 is a good year for me as 2010 was a pretty shit year. In the spirit of the New Year, I have drawn up a list of my resolutions.

2011 New Year's Resolutions

1. Get fit....or at least exercise on a regular basis

2. Fit into my skinny jeans again

3. Write my short story that I have been planning for months

4. Find a pair of gorgeous brown boots

5. Travel to Greece, Itlay, France, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt...........so many places, so little time!

6. Save money

7. Be more patient

.....................................that's all I can think of right now. What are your resolutions?

These are the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions


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