So I'm starting a new thing, with having tips on Tuesdays. If you have any suggestions of stuff, let me know!
I thought I'd start with a tip that many of you have heard before, but that few actually do, myself included.

The Va-Ja-Jay Exercise:

Step 1 - when you are sitting on the loo having a tinkle, remember this tip!
Step 2 - mid-tinkle, stop tinkling (if this makes sense)
Step 3 - hold count for 5 seconds
Step 4 - resume tinkling

This will ensure that when you are 40, have had 3 children and are marginally overweight, your beloved vajajay will not be dragging on the pavement behind you. No-one wants to walk around with their bladder, rectum or precious vajajay hanging out for the world to see. This also prevents incontinence. So, next time you hear a funny story and have a giggle, you won't wet your pants. Or when you sneeze, urine won't be dribbling out behind you.

Do it!



Francis Jane said...

Ha ha! ;0)

Leanne said...

Hilarious - but so true at the same time. It's actually something most people don't think about and a friend of mine who's now pregnant is saying how she wished someone had mentioned this to her. :)

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