Breast Cancer

It's October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month! So this weeks tips are all about the breast exam. I know there are only a few days left in October, but make the most of them and examine your beloved boobies. Send this to all your female friends! Breast cancer is very serious and not just reserved for women over 40. You can even get it in your 20s. So prevention is the best cure. I know a lot of women who have had breast cancer and are survivors and sadly, a few that weren't so lucky. So, please PLEASE pass the message along!


 Stand in front of the mirror with your hands on your hips. It's a good idea to do a breast exam at the same time every month and not too close to your period, otherwise they'll be sensitive. Look at the shape, size and colour and make sure it all looks normal. Make sure both sides are symmetrical, unless your boobs are naturally a different size. Warning signs: dimpling of the skin, inverted nipples,                         swellings/lumps, redness.


Repeat STEP 1 with your arms raised.


Look for a nipple discharge: blood stained, yellow, white or clear.


Lie down on your back and with your left arm up behind your head. Take your right hand and palpate your left breast. Use the pads of your fingers only, not the extreme tips. Move around in a circular motion, covering all the area, including up to the collar bone and in your armpit. If you feel a lump, see if it is mobile (moves when you push it) and how it feels.

Repeat STEP 4 in the shower.


If you notice anything abnormal, head over to your local doctor immediately!

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month

(.Y.) Hooray for boobies!
 Fake (+)(+)
 Perfect (o)(o)
 Perky (*)(*)
 Cold (^)(^)
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Save them all!

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