LMM will be away


Am jetsetting off to Austria tomorrow for a week of skiing and alas have not written any posts in preparation for my absence. You will just have to wait till I get back :)




Amnesia Bob Part 1

A few days ago I arrived at the A+E with a sense of dread. I wanted to be at home, in bed with hot chocolate, watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl.

I took the next file in the box. The presenting problem was "fell down stairwell. No memory."

Probably a decrepit 88 year old. I drew back the curtain to find a man in his mid-forties, with a bleeding face.

"Hello. I am Little Miss Medic, one of the doctors here. Do you remember what happened to you?"

"No, I don't remember anything. Where am I?" 
"You are at the A+E at the _______________ Hospital. What is your name?"

"Bob. That's my favourite hospital. I see Dr Brown here."
Dr Brown was an HIV consultant.

"Are you HIV positive?"
         "Yes. Do you know why I am wearing Wellies?

          "I'm not sure. You may have been on your way out."

"What happened?"

Did he not just ask me that?

"You fell down the stairs and somebody found you and phoned an ambulance."

"Is my flat secure?"

"Yes. Do you have any medical conditions?"

"Yes. I am HIV positive and see Dr Brown."

"Yes, you told me that. Any allergies?"

"Where am I?"

"At The ____________________ Hospital. Do you not remember me telling you that?"

"No, what happened? And why am I wearing wellies?"

Holy shit! This guy couldn't remember anything. Every two minutes it was as if the tape replayed and the questions repeated themselves.

"I need to examine you now, so we can find out whether you bumped your head or not. Look straight ahead, whilst I shine this light in your eyes."

"Did I mention I am HIV positive."

And his name shall be Amnesia Bob!
"Yes you told me. Now, take a deep breath in........good........and out. Now stick out your tongue."

"Why am I wearing wellies?"

"I don't know. Now just breath normally whilst I listen to your heart."
"Where am I?"
"At The ____________________ Hospital."

"That's my favourite hospital. I see Dr Brown here."

I can't handle this! Answering the same questions fifty million times.

"I'll be back now."

"What happened to me? Where........"

"I will be back NOW!"

Stay tuned to find out what happened to Amnesia Bob........





Names parents give..........

Whilst working in the Emergency department over the last 2 years, I have come across many children accompanied by their parents. Sometimes they have runny noses, sometimes they have a cough and SOMETIMES they have a genital problem. Now I know that the term penis or vagina might not be appropriate for a little squirts bits, but I have heard some shockers.....

"My daughter has a sore on her cookie....."

"My son's dick keeps getting hard..."  seriously? He is 4.....

"Little Maggie keeps scratching her flower..."

"Her ass is raw...."  No child has an ass, that would belong to the hooker down the street.

"Charlie's wot-wot is red."  His what?

"Oh I mean, Charlie's toot is red." His what?

I can handle willy and fanny, or even the correct biological terms, but please leave these silly names at home!




Night out in London

Had an amazing night last night! Started off with Dinner at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Jamie's Italian.

I had never been before and I can only sum it up in one word.........PHENOMENAL.

The Boyf had no idea what I had planned for our night out and was as blown away as I was. I started off my meal with a basket of different assortments of freshly baked breads, served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Heaven in a basket!

For mains I had a mushroom panzerotti, which was cooked with grilled sage, chilli, porchini mushrooms and drizzled with parmesan and olive oil. YUM!

The Boyf had a Lamb Ragu, which was as delicious.

So if you ever in London, Jamie's Italian is a must. Awesome food, in a totally relaxed setting. Its like fine dining in an unpretentious atmosphere.

We then headed off to watch The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre.

The Boyf had never seen it before and was like a small child in a candy shop. The best part.....a lot of the cast was South African. Rafiki, the wise baboon, was played by Brown Lindiwe Mkhize from Durban, who was the highlight for me. She even threw in a few "woza lapha"s for extra measure. Simba was also played by one of our own, Andile Gumbi.

All in all a brilliant night out!




Vampire Diaries

I recently started watching Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries.

(Do not read this post, if you have no idea what I am talking about....it will only bore you!)

My friend suggested it, and I must admit, after the first episode, I wasn't convinced. The acting was bad, the script seemed terrible and this "Elana" chick was irritating me. BUT.......I persevered, and I am so glad that I did.

I finished the last episode today, and am already in the process of downloading Season 2. It has its usual vampire fill of blood, fangs and death, but it has something that no other show has.........


He is delicious and oh so entertaining. Although, I must admit, there are not nearly enough scenes with him shirtless :) The name Damon Salvatore, just slips off your tongue. Initially I hated him and even screamed "F*$K YOU!" at my laptop a few times, but by say episode 10, I was begging for more. His sarcastic lines, gorgeous blue eyes and that cunning grin, just make my heart melt each time I see him.

If you watch this programme for nothing else than Damon alone, you will feel satisfied.





An added Oscar

Given that it's just been the Oscar's, here's a little Ugandan movie that definitely should've made it into the nominations!

There's always next year....


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