Drunk F*%kers

This last weekend, I was unlucky enough to work all 3 nights. Since it is the beginning of the silly season, there were a lot of drunk fuckers. A few can be tolerated, but when every single patient that walks through the door is completely inebriated, your patience runs out very quickly!


Drunk Fucker 1: could not open his eyes, could not speak, could not walk.

Drunk Fucker 2: proceeded to walk around the department and urinated in corners

Drunk Fucker 3: called me a c*# t, I was not impressed!

Drunk Fucker 4: could not feel her hands

Drunk Fucker 5: could not open his eyes, since I had already seen Dunk Fucker 1, I shoved my pen torch in his eye

Drunk Fucker 6: would not get on the bed. Refused to respond to anything. We began pinching him (had been a long night)

Drunk Granny Fucker 7: could not stop shaking and refused to give us her name. She bcame Drunk Unknown Granny Fucker.

Drunk Fucker 8: had had so much to drink she was unconscious. The ambulance bought her in as a blue call (serious case)

Drunk Grandpa Fucker 9: vomited on the nurse

Drunk Fucker 10: fell of his bed 4 times

I think that's enough to emphasise the point of how awful it was. That being said, I have been in a comatose state of sleep for the last 3 days.



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Jacci said...

sounds like fun, and it's only the beginning of the silly season!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Let me come and visit you at work and I'll bitch slap all of those drunk fuckers.

Love your blog....I'm not newest follower who also says fuck a lot.

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