Working Christmas

Nothing quite gives you a kick in the stomach like working Christmas! Festive cheer in the form of women screaming in labour, with tinsel getting in your way and everyone hoping for the elusive "Christmas baby", coming in second to "New Year's baby"!

I hate Christmas so it's fine, but I'd rather be at home watching TV.





These last 2 weeks...

Apologies for the lack in blog posts, but life has just gotten carried away!

Anyway...this is what I've been up to...

...I managed to hand write and post 50 Christmas cards. Organised me 1 : chaotic life 0

...my colleague got TB and now we all have to work extra shifts :(

...I had a catch up dinner with Lulu from Berry Diaries. She is just amazing and so inspiring!

...I felt somber, sad and empty, dealing with Mandela's death. The Boyf and I went to watch the funeral on the big screen in town,it was amazing to see all kinds of different people there, and laying down my flowers with everyone else's is a moment I will never forget.

...went to work numerous times with chipped nail polish (a big no no for me), went to work without lunch and even went to work without shoes. Chaotic life 1 : me 1

...went to a wedding on the beach.

Hope you life hasn't been too chaotic!





It has taken me a long time to think about what I want to write in this post.

I have never had a death in the family, at least not someone close, nor have I ever lost a friend. It blows my mind to think of how deeply I have been affected by Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela's passing, someone I have not even had the priviledge of meeting.

Unfortunately work has prevented me from watching many of the ceremonies, or attending any events. I was at work last Thursday night, when news hit of Mandela's death. I was speechless and in shock. I could not even cry, especially because there were patients waiting to be seen. I YouTubed Jacob Zuma's announcemet when I could get a break. I had the radio tuned in to yesterday's memorial service, straining to hear and be a part of the biggest thing this country has faced in decades. As The National Anthem was sung, I was finally overcome with emotion, and the tears flowed. Driving home yesterday, someone phoned into 5FM and started crying and I was blubbering right along with her. I can't even remember what she said, but it just hit home, that we have lost the greatest man that any of us will even get a chance to walk this earth with.

For me it is even a priviledge to have been alive in the time of Mandela. I feel honoured to have experienced a part of his legacy, listened to his speeches and even heard him chuckle.

I heard this clip yesterday and it made me smile...

All I can take away from this momentous period, is that if I could even have a millionth of the humility, love and forgiveness that Mandela had, I will make a difference in this world.

I am going to try to live each day as WWMD (What Would Mandela Do).


And my favourite pics of the week...

RIP Mandela




The crazies out there

I have been SO busy lately, apologies for the lack in posts.

This morning I was listening to Gareth Cliff talk about this woman in Australia who knits with her vagina. Initially I thought she actually knitted with her vagina, but she just "stores" the wool there and yanks it out as she knits. Strange thing to one day ask, "I wonder if I can stick a yarn of wool in my vajayjay and knit with it." The Ping Pong exhibitionists in Bangkok are certainly not getting a run for their money out of this Aussie. I have personally seen someone keep an egg inside them for an entire show only to end with a clench that releases a yolk...

I think she just wanted people to not fear The Vulva, as she aptly puts it. How about just getting a Brazilian and some sexy lingerie? Not sure who would want to wear that scarf she's knitting, especially the "period" section, but hey, each to their own!


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