I HATE teenagers! Almost as much as I hate medical students.

Yesterday I saw a teenage girl in my ward. She was 15. She was admitted because she had started bleeding during her pregnancy. Turns out she can't even stop having sex for 1 day, whilst being 34 weeks pregnant and now has post coital bleeding. 

I ended up discharging her, but she had to wait for her medication.

Might I add, she was chewing pink bubblegum, and continuously popping it in my face.

Annoying Teenager: So Doc, when can I go home?

Little Miss Medic: I told you __________,  that you need to wait for your meds from pharmacy.

AT: *pops giant pink bubble* Well my Mom's waiting for me.

LMM: Well you'll just have to be patient and wait, because the medication is important.

AT: *under her breath* well I'm not going to take it anyway

*I am now busy seeing another patient in the bed next to her and all I can hear is this irritating popping noise*

AT: *says to her friend* I don't see why this nurse wants me to wait even longer. I'm gonna be here the whole day.

*I leave the ward to do an emergency caesar and come back a while later to check some results*

AT: Doc, why can't you go to the pharmacy and fetch my pills, speed the whole thing up?

LMM: Well. my dear, inbetween operating on patients and looking after my ward patients, I do not have the time to go down to the pharmacy to fetch your medication. That is a porters job and as you can see I am busy.

AT: *pop* Busy my ass!




New Mommies and their Babies

I have noticed lately that there are a lot of Moms, who come to hospital and are admitted without warning, are induced early or simply are not prepared. They do not have baby clothes, nappies, maternity pads or any of the simple things that are needed to make their stay more comfortable and keep their new bundle of joy warm and dry. Babies will be lying in hospital towels, in their own excrement and mothers will use toilet paper as a pad substitute.

I have enlisted the help of friends and family to raise money and gather donated items to try and help these new moms. People have been amazing and I am am happy to say, I have wrapped up my first few care packages today, which will be in the labour ward by tomorrow morning.

Baby Girl Package

Baby Boy Package

New Mom Package

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!!!





I am tired and these pics are just so cute, I need not write anything!


I heart kitties





This PH I was at work. It was awful. It was busy. But it was the first time I have EVER gotten a perk, freebie, call it what you like, through work (besides those panados that I once nicked). I suddenly noticed that there was not a nurse, sister or even a porter to be found. Rumour had it that Link Pharmacy was coming to give out gift bags. Unfortunately a labour ward is not a place that you can leave completely unstaffed, and so I remained behind to hold down the fort. When there is something up for grabs, nursing staff will be there in a flash. And who can blame them, as they never get much recognition, let along a goodie bag. The amazing people of Link Pharmacy gave every single patient of ours, every staff member, including the doctors, one of these bags.

Thank you to Link Pharmacy, for making us feel special!




Olympics are over...:(

I must say I have really loved watching the Olympics this time around. There was the drama of the Russian gymnast, who fell during her floor routine, dashing the team's chances of gold; the controversy surrounding the Badminton "match fixing", the heartbreak for the South Korean fencer Shin A Lam and the joy we all experienced as South Africans received medals. I have spent many hours on the couch, curled up under a blanket, watching the gymnastics (my personal favourite), athletics, hockey and even synchronised swimming. I will miss the Olympics :(

The organisation seemed flawless and the facilities astounding. The only thing that I can fault them on is...

Did no-one look at this and think it looked odd? Did no-one see what millions of others have seen? Lisa Simpson in a compromising position with her brother Bart. What would the Olympics be without a bit of a sex scandal?




Women's Day

Happy Women's Day for tomorrow everybody! I will be in the throes of the Labour Ward, enjoying being at work on a PB. Fuck that sucks. A. Lot!

Anyway, enough complaining... I hope you all celebrate women and appreciate how far we have come from those days where women had no say, no education and were pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen. Oh wait. That still happens in Saudi!

Tomorrow is my first call being in charge of my colleagues, who I have worked with for the last 6 months. I will rally the troops. Be firm, yet approachable. Create an environment of focused discipline in which we all excel. Whatever! I just hope that everyone listens to me. Doesn't disappear and go to sleep at 3am and leave me holding the fort (enough with the army talk). And that I don't fuck up!

Wish me luck!





Today it snowed somewhere in all 9 provinces.

This is a lion at the JHB Zoo....cool hey. Either global warming has arrived or this is the Winter Fairy's idea of a sick joke. Anyway, all I know is that I'm cold.

In other news...I have been feeling super tired and am trying to fit everything into a normal day. Am working with a new crowd at school. They are not as nice as the old bunch, actually pretty bitchy. I miss my old colleagues!


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