This PH I was at work. It was awful. It was busy. But it was the first time I have EVER gotten a perk, freebie, call it what you like, through work (besides those panados that I once nicked). I suddenly noticed that there was not a nurse, sister or even a porter to be found. Rumour had it that Link Pharmacy was coming to give out gift bags. Unfortunately a labour ward is not a place that you can leave completely unstaffed, and so I remained behind to hold down the fort. When there is something up for grabs, nursing staff will be there in a flash. And who can blame them, as they never get much recognition, let along a goodie bag. The amazing people of Link Pharmacy gave every single patient of ours, every staff member, including the doctors, one of these bags.

Thank you to Link Pharmacy, for making us feel special!



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