New Mommies and their Babies

I have noticed lately that there are a lot of Moms, who come to hospital and are admitted without warning, are induced early or simply are not prepared. They do not have baby clothes, nappies, maternity pads or any of the simple things that are needed to make their stay more comfortable and keep their new bundle of joy warm and dry. Babies will be lying in hospital towels, in their own excrement and mothers will use toilet paper as a pad substitute.

I have enlisted the help of friends and family to raise money and gather donated items to try and help these new moms. People have been amazing and I am am happy to say, I have wrapped up my first few care packages today, which will be in the labour ward by tomorrow morning.

Baby Girl Package

Baby Boy Package

New Mom Package

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!!!




Caroline said...

Hi love!

I would love to donate! Please let me know what you need. What an amazing thing you are doing.


Julie said...

This is awesome. What a lovely idea. I especially love the packaging of each gift.

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