Things I've Done

I have travelled to 28 countries.
Worked as a waitress, a baby-sitter and a doctor.
Eaten gelato in Venice.
Delivered a baby.
Cried so much I couldn't breathe.
Laughed so much I couldn't breathe.
Saved a patient's life.
Seen the Inca trail and sipped juice from a coconut on Copacabana Beach.
Watched my parents get divorced.
Performed a caesarian section.
Killed many goldfish/silk worms/tadpoles/budgies/hamsters....all accidentally.
Told a lie. Many lies.
Kissed my boyfriend on Maya Beach.
Gotten a tattoo.
Keep lists of EVERYTHING, including all the books I've read.
Watched over 10 hours of uninterrupted TV.
Eaten Goulash in Hungary.
Had a BFF, now I have many.
Failed an exam.
Held a patient's hand, whilst delivering bad news.
Had a prawn braai in Mozambique.
Owned a lemonade stand as a child.
Watched a dog eat my kitten.
Dressed up in pink overalls with my housemates.
Found true love.
Danced till my feet ached.
Been on a cruise and never gotten off the ship.
Given a child cocaine accidentally.
Drawn on the walls with lipstick.
Thrown a coin in a wishing well.
Cried everytime I've watched Meet Joe Black.
Swum a mile and with dolphins.
Run a half marathon.


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