Procrastination is the route of all evil...

Over the last week I have been procrastinating the shit out of everything! I have a number of things to do:

work on my thesis
plan a wedding
pluck my eyebrows
buy funky stationary (which is essential to number1. study)
paint my toenails
shave my legs
organise my desk
declutter my study
clean my cupboards

Only 2 of these things are essentially fucking important right now, but even the personal hygiene things that I usually do as work avoidance have been given the boot by the soul sucking vortex that is...

Bloody Pinterest! I used to think it was stupid, now I get a million emails showing me even cuter, amazing, MUST-HAVE-THAT pins. I. Am. Fucked.

Tomorrow then. I promise!




Blogging Sabattical

Wow! More than 4 months since my last blog post. I can't tell you how much I have missed blogging! Unfortunately work and life (although work is my life at this stage) have been so demanding, that I haven't had time to even shave my legs, let alone keep a blog on track. My aim is try to become better at multi-tasking...

I have missed the blogosphere, other blogs and all you crazies that actually read the shit I write.

Here's a recap of what has been happening over the last 4 months

- I got engaged. YAY! The Boyf has tossed his old title and has now become

- I am working like a dog
- as a result I still get back pain, hip pain......basically body is still falling apart
- I still hate medical students
- and I still hate tik users

So not much has changed.

Normally not one to put a question out there, but...

Do you think I should continue my blog?

I love blogging, but putting time and effort into it if no one reads my rantings and ravings is pretty futile. So please be so sweet to leave a comment below!




It is not uncommon knowledge that I hate medical students. I despise them like a gardener despises weeds. I literally cannot stand the sight of them.

I do realise that I once was this waste of space that is a medical student, but when you have a lot of shit to do, they really do not provide any reprieve and only seem to create more chaos. They will invariably fuck up whatever you ask them to do!

At the moment I have 3 sixth year medical students working with me, who have meager IQs. Not only are they ridiculously stupid, but they are also extremely lazy, with an astonishing lack of recognising social queues. Let give you an example...

Retard Med Student 1: Wasn't there something you wanted to ask Little Miss Medic? *she says to Retard Med Student 2*

Little Miss Medic: What is it?

Retard Med Student 2: Well, everytime I have sex my vagina hurts afterwards.

*OMFG! I do not have time for this shit! I thought she was going to ask me some dumbass medical question. Fuck it! Now I have to put on my white hat, aka Olivia Pope style*

LMM: Um...well... I'm not sure why that happens...It could maybe be due to a urinary tract infection. Does it happen all the time?

RMS2: I had sex last night *euw* and yip, it happened.

LMM: Well I'm not quite sure what the cause is...Um...Mrs X in ward 6 asked to speak to me, so I must run. Toodles. *fuckers*

Why me? Why do I have to get the retarded ones and the slutty ones?





Going back to work has really hit me hard. I have had a constant headache for 4 days now, I wake up with it, it briefly goes away with double strength painkillers and then settles back in a few hours later. I have always suffered from backache, but now it seems to have tripled in severity. So much so, that I have a weekly appointment with a small Chinese lady, who literally beats the crap out of my back with her elbows, hands, knees.....it's amazing!

I also now have started to get hip pain on my right after more than 12 hours on call. My body is literally falling apart. I feel like a complete bag of moans today and hopefully this negative attitude will have lifted by tomorrow. BUT tomorrow is Monday so probably not!

So let me get all my moans out there for today. I cannot fathom how I still have 2 years to go until I am specialised. Give me strength! I don't think I can possibly do this for another 24 months. It's crazy! It feels like my body will definitely not be able to cope.

OK. I'll stop now...

Tomorrow is another day...blah blah



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