A+E Favourites

There a few patients that LOVE coming to the A+E. We have 3 patients that each come about 3-4 times per week. Yesterday they were all there at the same time.


Mr Brown - an alcoholic, who believes that the water in his flat has been posioned. He mostly comes just to drink from the water cooler. He says he has never tasted water so good. He was so drunk he couldn't stand, but insisted on stumbling around. After falling on his bum in the middle of the department, he proceeded to roll himself a ciggie and smoke it.


Mrs Purple - comes in daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times, always by ambulance. She wears a purple tracksuit everyday. She always claims she is dizzy or that her lips are tingling. She is also armed with a walking stick and should she not like you, she will deliver a swift blow to the head.


Mr Green - a sweet man. Also an alcoholic. Always comes complaining of something minor. After you have told him he is ok, he asks for a sandwich and a cup of tea.

I actually enjoy seeing these patients. Although they are wasting NHS funds, they are real characters and have their own problems.



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