Syringing Ears

Syringing some one's ears has got to be one of those tedious tasks that no-one enjoys. This job is usually done by your GP or an ENT specialist. Sometimes people come into the A+E to have their ears syringed, which is highly irritating as it can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to properly dislodge the wax or whatever else is in their ear. The only time it is vaguely exciting, is if someone has a foreign object or bug in their ear. I once got the hugest cockroach out of a patient's ear in Barberton, it was amazing...and disgusting.

The Boyf has been complaining that his right ear was painful and I had noticed that he often didn't hear me well and always turned the TV on full blast. He begged me to syringe his ears. I know that he last had it done about 5 years ago, by a mutual friend, when they were medical students, and he warned me that the crap that came out of his ears, was both horrifying and repulsive.

Being his girlfriend, I did not really want to see this, as it wouldn't really improve the romantic part of our relationship. Alas, there was no one else to do it and he kept saying he couldn't "hear" me asking him to put his dishes in the dishwasher or to take the rubbish out. It had to be done!

I got some warm water and the process began. Nothing happened for the first ten minutes and then...

I was expecting worse, but it was still pretty nauseating!

Tip of the day, get your ears cleaned out by someone you don't know, and do it on a regular basis.



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Samantha (everythingiheart.blogspot.com) said...

OH MY WORD!! NEver heard of this before! Syringing ears?? Abd thiiiiings coming out!!? Eeeeee!

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