Little Miss Pin Cushion

Little Miss Pin Cushion is a 30-something year old female who comes into the Emergency Department every few weeks. She swallows things. Mainly needles, sometimes batteries and even small razor blades.

The scariest thing is that she lives in a Psychiatric Hospital with 24 hour care, yet still manages to get her hands on needles etc.

Before swallowing stuff was her thing, she used to throw herself off buildings and has had over 15 different fractures, with surgery on her leg, arm, lower leg and forearm.

She has had over 100 abdominal xrays...

                                                                 open safety pins

                                                            lots of pins in her stomach

                                                                 more safety pins

Unfortunately the pins/safety pins/needles never perforate her bowel and she ends up going home after she has pooped them out.

Fun times!



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