Black Tuesday


"Black Tuesday" was the name given to the 29th of October 1929, the day the Wall Street stock market crashed and $30 million was lost. It signaled the beginning of the 12 year Great Depression.

It now symbolises something completely different to South Africans, as today has been renamed "Black Tuesday" due to the probable passing of a secrecy bill, called the protection of information bill. To many it is a step back and Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Prize winner and famous author, compares the suppression of freedom of expression under the ANC to the apartheid era.

'The state security minister, Siyabonga Cwele, rejected calls to include a "public interest" clause to allow for the revealing of secrets, saying: "The foreign spies continue to steal our sensitive information in order to advantage their nations at the expense of advancement of South Africa and her people." '

                                                                                                      -The Guardian-

Foreign spies?...really...this isn't Mission Impossible!

I as a South African, am grateful to the press and media, as I am able to keep myself informed and it holds our ruling party accountable for their actions. Now that information will be kept "secret", who know what shenanigans will go on?

It is a very sad day, and am aptly clad all in black as a symbol of my protest.

How do you feel about this?



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