Feeling Bleh

I am having a bleh week, actually make that a bleh month. Nothing in particular....not enjoying my job...waiting to hear if I got the new job in Cape Town...not exercising, eating badly, have gained a few extra kilos...feeling unmotivated...

...basically just BLEH!

But the cherry on top had to be a few days ago. I was on the tube going to my Bookclub. I was reading my book. I was listening to my iPod. I was basically minding my own business.

Little Miss Medic:   (doo-doo-doo....minding my business)

Random Lady: Excuse me (taps me on the arm)

LMM: (doo-doo-doo)...ooh.... (take earphones out)

RL: Excuse me, would you like to sit down?

LMM: No thank you, I am fine standing.

RL: You aren't pregnant are you? (makes universal big-belly-pregnant sign)

LMM: No, I am not.


Great way for life to kick you, whilst you're already down!

So I need a bit of inspiration to get through the rest of the week...

Hope your week/month is going better!



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