November Giveaway

I am always on the hunt for new make up products and this one caught my eye recently at boots. Why wouldn't it? The packaging is a shocking neon orange.

Scandalous Brush: So big yet so precise, our MaxDensity™ brush reveals lashes you never thought you had. 30% wider and denser, with more bristles to capture and coat even the smallest lashes. Combs through clumps for perfect definition
Scandalous Formula: Triple collagen + keratin formula with shapes and plumps even the thinnest lashes
Scandalous Look: More lashes revealed, corner-to-corner, who needs falsies? +300% instant eye opening impact. Reveals your natural assets like no other!

All you need to do to win this awesome mascara is leave me a comment and "like" my new Little Miss Medic Facebook Page.

Good Luck!

(Winner will be chosen at random next Thursday!)




Caroline said...

Oooooo...I would LOVE a new mascara xxx

Jacci said...

yes please!!!

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