P.S I love you

This book covers my worst nightmare. Finding the love of your life and then losing them tragically. I had watched the movie when it first came out, but wanted to see if the book was better.

Holly and Gerry are soul mates, until Gerry is diagnosed with a brain tumour and passes away. Holly is left alone and doesn't quite know how she will carry on living without Gerry. One day she receives a package that Gerry had sent her before his death. Inside are 11 envelopes, one for each month coming up. They each provide her with a quick message and usually with a task that she needs to perform. Some of the tasks seem silly and pointless, but each has a purpose to show Holly that she can forge her own way and survive without Gerry. The book has some great characters, who are there every moment beside Holly; Denise and Sharon, her 2 BFFs, her 5 siblings, and her new friend Daniel.

I enjoyed this book and would definitely like to read more of her work.



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