As you know, I recently went to Paris, which was A-MA-ZING!!!!!! I'll post some pics soon. Tomorrow I am moving house and going to Malta for 4 days. All very exciting, but also very rushed.

For those of you that know me, or even those that have been following this blog, you will know that I really dislike Gingers/Ging-ers. If you didn't know this, click here to see why.

Anyways.......One of my friends, The Prof, has a theory about Gingers. His theory is that there are Gingers and there are Wrangers.

Ginger - ranges from auburn to strawberry-blonde. May have freckles.

Wrangers - fiercely orange hair, not an unfreckled patch of skin in sight and translucent white skin. The term Wranger is derived from the word Orangutan.


I think it's shear genius!




I love Paris in the Springtime................


Tomorrow I am off for a whirlwind 2 days in Paris.


It has all been very last minute and I have been frantically trying to organise a hotel room, which doesn't require me to chop off both my boobs and sell them as a pound of flesh.

So this time tomorrow I shall be indulging in this....


Yummy! Think I shall only live off cheese, baguettes and Champers!!!!!!

(think that by the end of the trip I will have more than a few extra pounds of flesh to sell...)

If you have any travel tips...leave a comment!

Otherwise..............Au revoir!






Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has always been my absolute style crush. She is beyond beautiful and always looks so perfectly put together. If I had to pick one person I wanted to look like, it would be Jen. She's also The Boyf's absolute favourite. Seems like we aren't the only people that think that, as she recently received The Decade of Hotness Award by Spike TV and I can think of no-one who is hotter, or more deserving!

                                I still think of them as the ultimate "It" couple.


And this is one of my favourite photos of her.......


Who is your style crush?




Latest Reads

I have been devouring books the last few weeks. Here are 2 books that I recently read.......

This is a beautiful book that follows the story of two characters, Dexter and Emma, through the exact day, over twenty years. They first meet in 1988 at University and have a drunken fling and we see how their relationship evolves as we peek into their lives on the 15th of June each year. Initially their relationship is purely platonic and as they travel together, share hardships and face failures, we see how things take shape each year.

Dexter is the guy who you love to hate. Arrogant, selfish, devilishly handsome, but too preoccupied with his own reflection to give anything the time of day. Emma is the typical girl next door. She works hard, is selfless and completely unaware of how beautiful she actually is.

Without giving too much away, it is the perfect story of the imperfect lovestory and I relished every page.

This was my Bookclub's read for the month. I had heard a lot about this book and was eager to see what it was all about. Being Haruki Murakami's most famous book, a dysfunctional love story set in the 1960s in Tokyo. The main character, Watanabe, falls in love with Naoko. Naoko is a troubled soul and after one night shared together, the rest of their brief encounters are at an asylum, where she is a patient. Watanabe becomes a lover and friend to many other strange characters, Nagasawa, Midori and Reiko.

To be honest, I found this book a bit odd and didn't appreciate the sexual events that occurred. It was all a bit strange and I felt like I should have been on some form of drug to fully "get" it.

Here are some of my other reads:

A Week in December
The White Woman on the Green Bicycle
My Books Page




Cyclops Girl

Days spent in the A+E can be rather tedious and boring. In fact, sometimes it is nothing more than a GP practice with snotty noses, rashes and neurotic mothers. But sometimes you get to see something really interesting. I am not so interested in the medical rareties but rather in the fascinating characters that one comes across.

Enter Cyclops Girl.

Before I call the patient in, I read the file.....

Presenting complaint:   Hit eye on pole, very painful.

Yes, I am sure that would be painful, very astute observation by the nurse! I walk to the waiting room and call the patient......

LMM: Cinnamon..............Cinnamon X

(I am not shitting you, that was her name!)

Cyclops Girl: Hi

LMM: Please follow me. Now tell me what happened to your eye.

(Let me interject and describe Cyclops Girl. She was neatly dressed and everything appeared normal except her GIGANTIC swollen right eye. There was a huge haematoma under her right eye, basically like a sac of blood, which squashed her eye shut so she could barely see.)

CG: So I get these cluster headaches and I got one at 2am this morning.......

(Not sure what this has to do with the grotesque eye she has)

CG: The headache was so bad that I hit my head against a pillar with screws in it....

LMM: What? You did this to yourself?

CG: Yes, its a common phenomenon in people with cluster headaches.

LMM: Yes of course it is. (I have never heard of this in my life and it sounds psycho!)

CG: And now my eye....well...it looks like this.

I could not comprehend how someone could do this much damage to themselves?

LMM: Did you not feel what you were doing?

CG: No. It actually helped a bit.

LMM: We need to get an xray to make sure the orbit isn't fractured and maybe ring Opthalmology...OK

I send her off to Xray and look up her old notes on the computer. She has been to A+E 4 times in the last month, always with the same problem, always the right eye, although this time it looks like the damage is worse. I page opthalmology and tell them the situation.

Opthalmology: Hang on.....She has this large haematoma........... that was self inflicted?

LMM: Yes

Opthalmology: Is she a psycho?

LMM: No. She appears quite normal.

Opthalmology: Sorry not interested.

The patient returns and luckily her xrays are fine. I explain to her that the swelling will go down and prescribe her some eyedrops.

CG: But what am I supposed to tell the people at work? This is the 4th black eye in one month.

(Maybe you should've thought about this before you kept hitting your head against the wall/pole/pillar)




Grey's Anatomy turns into a musical......

I love Grey's! I really do. Even though it is at times completely unrealistic and quite frankly, ridiculous, I still love it. But when Grey's meets Glee it can mean only one thing.........disaster!

I just finished watching Season 7 Episode 18 titled "Song beneath the Song". Basically it is a musical episode, which has the majority of the cast singing whilst performing surgery.

Note: SPOILER ALERT! (Don't read on if you haven't watched it)

The episode starts with Callie Torres lying through a broken car windshield. As she is rushed to Seattle Grace, the hilarity begins. She starts singing Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars as she is wheeled in on a stretcher. Owen Hunt, Lexy Grey and Miranda Bailey (aka The Nazi) all join in. The singing isn't bad and these four sing the majority of songs for the rest of the episode. But singing in a medical drama.......C'mon! It's absurd and if we wanted to watch Glee, we would!

As Callie and Sloane's unborn baby faces death, a reappearance of an old character occurs, none other than the famous Obstetrician and Neonatal Surgeon (note: no medical doctor is ever BOTH!), Addison Montgomery. I have never wanted an episode to end so quickly and I kept looking at the time to see how much more torture I would have to endure.

My one highlight was when Alex Karev springs into song and dance. He is sexy. He can dance. And, YES, he can sing. But that moment was short-lived and involved watching awkward duets with Christina Yang being half-naked.

Christina does not sing  :(  I had being waiting for it the whole episode, but she looks like she would be completely tone deaf anyway. Meredith sings a line or two, but has loads of back-up to make her sound half decent.

The cringe-worthy climax was when everyone sings "How To Save a Life" in unison, whilst operating on Callie.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUqX0teEqj4&feature=related (sorry other link wouldn't work, but definitely take a look)

I hope that the producers of Grey's have learnt a lesson, and will stick to what they do best in the future. Leave the singsong for the teens and carry on giving us blood, guts and romance!




Day 2 with George

I arrive at work to find a distinctive whiff in the room. It is the smell of dead rodent. Has George died? As the day progresses the whiff turns into an aroma and by lunchtime it is a medium spicy stench. George has definitely kicked the bucket somewhere, the only question is where? I proceed to look behind boxes, under cupboards and anywhere else the tiny thing may have taken its last breath.

Eventually I give up and carry on looking at pics on facebook......

SUDDENLY I see something out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough there is George.


But George doesn't look too hot today and is slowly ambling along, whereas yesterday he was rapidly scurrying. Who knows how long he has been in here with no food or water. This is my chance to catch him and get him out! He looks like he is stumbling a bit as he makes his way towards me. Shame, he looks so tired and hungry. I give him some of my sandwich and he gobbles it up. I don't know how that is helping the situation? If I feed him he will continue to traumatise me and my patients, if I don't he will die.

Time to call for back-up. Our permanent receptionist has returned and she has no time for rodents. I call her to come and help me. I point out George who is in the middle of the room, unprotected, having not moved in 10 minutes. She pulls out a rolled up newspaper, which is meant to be used as a weapon. I plead with her not to kill him. George is a bit gross, but he's still alive and I would hate to see him demise at the hands of a copy of the Metro. I persuade her to catch him and put him into the street. She easily traps him under a container and I get a good look at him. He's got cute little whiskers and his nose is twitching. I go to open the front door, only to bump into a patient who is trying to come inside. He looks at me and then at the receptionist and then he peers down at George in his little container. Great marketing for the practice! The patient turns around and walks off. Oh well! We hurry down the stairs to finally release George back into The Wild. I put the container on the ground and he rushes of down the street.

So long George! Please don't come back...........EVER!




George the Mouse

Day 1

I spend 2 days a week in a private practice.

I am busy seeing Patient 1.

Patient 1 sees mouse running next to wall.

Patient 1 tells me about mouse.

I scream.

Patient 1 laughs.

I am embarrassed. For screaming and because there is a mouse in the room.

Patient 1 leaves.

I stand on chair and scan room for mouse.

I see mouse.

I chase mouse and he runs behind boxes. Damn.

30 min later.

I see mouse coming towards me and stand on my chair again.

Patient 2 walks into room.

I apologise for standing on chair and make a random excuse as to why I am standing on chair.

Patient 2 seems skeptical of my medical knowledge.

Patient 2 leaves.

Call receptionist to help me with mouse.

Receptionist is scared too.

Mouse is only about 5cm long, really tiny, but still really scary.

I name him George.

He is cute. but only from far away.

Spend rest of day with legs tucked onto chair.

6pm and time to go home.

As I pick up my bag, George runs from under bag. I scream again.

Will George be there tomorrow?




Remember Me

The other night I spent an evening at home, watching Remember Me. The only reason I initially wanted to watch it, was to see if Robert Pattinson could play any other role than that of Edward Cullen. And I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised and am hoping to see more of him on the big screen.

The story follows Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson) and Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin, LOST). They have both suffered tragedy and are brought together in a ruse that starts out as a bet and ends in love.  This movie touches on many sideline themes: the tumultuous father-son relationship, dealing with the loss of a loved one, as well as 9/11 thrown in for good measure. Its definitely a serious, thought-provoking movie and one that is best watched sans The Boyf :) All in all, a good movie!


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