Day 2 with George

I arrive at work to find a distinctive whiff in the room. It is the smell of dead rodent. Has George died? As the day progresses the whiff turns into an aroma and by lunchtime it is a medium spicy stench. George has definitely kicked the bucket somewhere, the only question is where? I proceed to look behind boxes, under cupboards and anywhere else the tiny thing may have taken its last breath.

Eventually I give up and carry on looking at pics on facebook......

SUDDENLY I see something out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough there is George.


But George doesn't look too hot today and is slowly ambling along, whereas yesterday he was rapidly scurrying. Who knows how long he has been in here with no food or water. This is my chance to catch him and get him out! He looks like he is stumbling a bit as he makes his way towards me. Shame, he looks so tired and hungry. I give him some of my sandwich and he gobbles it up. I don't know how that is helping the situation? If I feed him he will continue to traumatise me and my patients, if I don't he will die.

Time to call for back-up. Our permanent receptionist has returned and she has no time for rodents. I call her to come and help me. I point out George who is in the middle of the room, unprotected, having not moved in 10 minutes. She pulls out a rolled up newspaper, which is meant to be used as a weapon. I plead with her not to kill him. George is a bit gross, but he's still alive and I would hate to see him demise at the hands of a copy of the Metro. I persuade her to catch him and put him into the street. She easily traps him under a container and I get a good look at him. He's got cute little whiskers and his nose is twitching. I go to open the front door, only to bump into a patient who is trying to come inside. He looks at me and then at the receptionist and then he peers down at George in his little container. Great marketing for the practice! The patient turns around and walks off. Oh well! We hurry down the stairs to finally release George back into The Wild. I put the container on the ground and he rushes of down the street.

So long George! Please don't come back...........EVER!



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