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I have been devouring books the last few weeks. Here are 2 books that I recently read.......

This is a beautiful book that follows the story of two characters, Dexter and Emma, through the exact day, over twenty years. They first meet in 1988 at University and have a drunken fling and we see how their relationship evolves as we peek into their lives on the 15th of June each year. Initially their relationship is purely platonic and as they travel together, share hardships and face failures, we see how things take shape each year.

Dexter is the guy who you love to hate. Arrogant, selfish, devilishly handsome, but too preoccupied with his own reflection to give anything the time of day. Emma is the typical girl next door. She works hard, is selfless and completely unaware of how beautiful she actually is.

Without giving too much away, it is the perfect story of the imperfect lovestory and I relished every page.

This was my Bookclub's read for the month. I had heard a lot about this book and was eager to see what it was all about. Being Haruki Murakami's most famous book, a dysfunctional love story set in the 1960s in Tokyo. The main character, Watanabe, falls in love with Naoko. Naoko is a troubled soul and after one night shared together, the rest of their brief encounters are at an asylum, where she is a patient. Watanabe becomes a lover and friend to many other strange characters, Nagasawa, Midori and Reiko.

To be honest, I found this book a bit odd and didn't appreciate the sexual events that occurred. It was all a bit strange and I felt like I should have been on some form of drug to fully "get" it.

Here are some of my other reads:

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