Grey's Anatomy turns into a musical......

I love Grey's! I really do. Even though it is at times completely unrealistic and quite frankly, ridiculous, I still love it. But when Grey's meets Glee it can mean only one thing.........disaster!

I just finished watching Season 7 Episode 18 titled "Song beneath the Song". Basically it is a musical episode, which has the majority of the cast singing whilst performing surgery.

Note: SPOILER ALERT! (Don't read on if you haven't watched it)

The episode starts with Callie Torres lying through a broken car windshield. As she is rushed to Seattle Grace, the hilarity begins. She starts singing Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars as she is wheeled in on a stretcher. Owen Hunt, Lexy Grey and Miranda Bailey (aka The Nazi) all join in. The singing isn't bad and these four sing the majority of songs for the rest of the episode. But singing in a medical drama.......C'mon! It's absurd and if we wanted to watch Glee, we would!

As Callie and Sloane's unborn baby faces death, a reappearance of an old character occurs, none other than the famous Obstetrician and Neonatal Surgeon (note: no medical doctor is ever BOTH!), Addison Montgomery. I have never wanted an episode to end so quickly and I kept looking at the time to see how much more torture I would have to endure.

My one highlight was when Alex Karev springs into song and dance. He is sexy. He can dance. And, YES, he can sing. But that moment was short-lived and involved watching awkward duets with Christina Yang being half-naked.

Christina does not sing  :(  I had being waiting for it the whole episode, but she looks like she would be completely tone deaf anyway. Meredith sings a line or two, but has loads of back-up to make her sound half decent.

The cringe-worthy climax was when everyone sings "How To Save a Life" in unison, whilst operating on Callie.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUqX0teEqj4&feature=related (sorry other link wouldn't work, but definitely take a look)

I hope that the producers of Grey's have learnt a lesson, and will stick to what they do best in the future. Leave the singsong for the teens and carry on giving us blood, guts and romance!



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