About Me

I am a book worm. A music lover. Am obsessed with eating chips, so much so that I have to buy the little packets ONLY. I don't like sweets things.
Favourite drink = Gin and Tonic, with lemon/lime!
I love getting hand-written notes and presents wrapped in ribbon or string.
 I love to sing, mostly alone, as I'm not very good, and have always wished that I was brilliant at dancing (I reserve mine for private viewing only)
I love sandals, slops and slippers. My favourite clothes are my PJs.
I could spend all day in bed, watching back-to-back episodes of Friends, Homeland, Suits, The Bachelor and SITC.
Post its are the BOMB.
I couldn't live without my family, friends and Piglet, Max, Bella and Paisley (my pets)
I love my job and even though I make fun of it at times, I do take it very seriously and have the utmost respect for my patients.

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