George the Mouse

Day 1

I spend 2 days a week in a private practice.

I am busy seeing Patient 1.

Patient 1 sees mouse running next to wall.

Patient 1 tells me about mouse.

I scream.

Patient 1 laughs.

I am embarrassed. For screaming and because there is a mouse in the room.

Patient 1 leaves.

I stand on chair and scan room for mouse.

I see mouse.

I chase mouse and he runs behind boxes. Damn.

30 min later.

I see mouse coming towards me and stand on my chair again.

Patient 2 walks into room.

I apologise for standing on chair and make a random excuse as to why I am standing on chair.

Patient 2 seems skeptical of my medical knowledge.

Patient 2 leaves.

Call receptionist to help me with mouse.

Receptionist is scared too.

Mouse is only about 5cm long, really tiny, but still really scary.

I name him George.

He is cute. but only from far away.

Spend rest of day with legs tucked onto chair.

6pm and time to go home.

As I pick up my bag, George runs from under bag. I scream again.

Will George be there tomorrow?



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