Tube Wonders - Part 1

The London Tube is a wonderful thing. I am always armed with my book and iPod, but the last few days I have been provided with so much entertainment, that I have hardly needed a book/music.

Day 1:

The were two twins on the tube with their father, around 4 years old.

They were GINGERS!

I have a theory about Gingers.......

it goes like this............

don't be shocked......

all gingers should be


when the first fiery orange hair sprouts!

I know, its mean. But they really are horrid.

There are some beautiful Gingers out there, who luckily escaped their fatal drowning and for that I am glad!

                                   The absolutely gorgeous Julianne Moore............

                               My future-husband, hate to admit it, but he is YUM!

                             Timeless beauty, even with the help of a little botox.

                                        And what would CSI be with out Horatio?

Now on the other side of the scale......

These little F*%KERS, should be drowned!

I promise that I will spend the rest of my medical career trying to find a cure....pinky promise!

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