Birthday Bliss

So Little Miss Medic turned 29 last week. The last year before the big 3-0!

I had a perfect day filled with fun, shopping and pampering. I also got totally spoilt and got loads of beautiful presents, namely jewellery....the best kind of present!

I also had my hair done and decied to go brown. Big shock from the blonde that I have had for EVER. ie always. I am slowly getting used to it, but the scariest thing was seeing it when it was wet, it had a red tinge. I wanted to die, especially since I have just posted my theory on Gingers this week.

Yesterday I got onto the tube. There was one seat left. It was next to a GINGER boy. What to do? Sit next to him....or stand. I decided to stand :) What would you do?

Stay tuned for pics of my presents.



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