Black Swan

One of my birthday wishes last week was to watch the much talked about movie, Black Swan.

I was absolutely blown away by this movie and it was one of the BEST movies I have ever watched. The cast is star-studded, the costumes are beautiful and the dancing..........to die for! I swear that this movie will have a huge effect/backlash on the "uncultured" public, who will reconsider going to the ballet to watch a Swan Lake production, so kudos to the producers of Black Swan for having a positive effect on the Arts.

 I am looking forward to seeing it again, so I can fully appreciate the intricacy of the details, the portrayal of the black vs white characters and the final transformation into the Black Swan.

If you haven't watched it yet.....watch this trailer

This movie has something for everyone.....the most exquisite ballet, thrilling moments that make you hide behind your hands in fear, a tiny lesbian moment for the guys and a lot of crotch touching (which I did not enjoy).

Be warned, Natalie Portman's body is a bit scary at times. She is literally just made of muscle and sinew. Apparently she trained for 18 months to get the dancing perfect, and does it all herself (I have heard talk of CGI use, but I am not going to believe it!). I know nothing about ballet, but OMG she is brilliant! And besides learning some kick ass moves and raking up the awards, she has shacked up with the dance choreographer and is expecting his baby, so all in all not a bad run for little Nat.

I heart Mila Kunis. I think she is stunning and I love her cheeky, relaxed character in this film. She might just make it onto my girl crush list.

I am slowly making my way through the list of Oscar movies, so come the big night, I can sit on couch and give my own two cents worth!

VOTE: Natalie for Best Actress......haven't watched any of the other movies, but my money is on her!


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