Waxing War Stories

Whilst I write this blog post, I am sitting in First Class on a train to Manchester, sipping on a G+T. The Boyf made his much awaited return today, its been a long 2 months. In preparation for his arrival, I made a much needed trip to the local beauty salon for some grooming...

I had been there before but hadn't had a dreaded bikini wax there. It turned out to be an utter disaster, there was a lot of me-trying-not to-scream, a few tears and a nazi type therapist, who kept telling me to "open wider". Needless to say, I will never be returning there, as it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.

Later that day, I arrived at the A+E, walking like cowboy! I spent most of the night seeing random, minor things. Around 11pm, the senior reg asked me if I would see a patient, who was requesting a female doctor. This can only mean one thing. She has a va-jay-jay problem. GREAT!

I escorted her into an examination cubicle and began taking a history. She too had been for a wax that day. Except she came home BLEEDING. Patients always make things sound worse then they are, and on examination I expected to find something totally minor. Only I didn't. Much to this poor patient's horror. She had a 3cm laceration on said va-jay-jay. It must've happened during overenthusiastic waxing/ripping. She hadn't been able to have a look there, but only noticed a large amount of bleeding. I almost decided to put in sutures, but after a moment's thought decided that it would heal fine on its own, and be more comfortable sans stitches. The poor girl asked me to write a letter to the Beauty Salon, stating what I had found.

So Tuesday's Tip, is to think carefully where you will go for your regular "grooming".

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Dr S said...

I had a similar experience. But we don't talk about it.

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