Some of the cutest kids in the world.......

This week take a look at some of the cutest kids EVER........

I've assembled these photos over the last 4 years, working in various provinces in South Africa. There is nothing more adorable than a black baby. They are by far the most gorgeous!

This isn't a gigantic beanie, its just a prem baby :)

This is Bongi. He had a very special place in my heart!

The Gang

This little one was 3 days old. His Mom decided to abandon him at the Hospital. She was only 17 years old. I fed him every 3 hours and I slowly got very attached. On day 10, his Mom came back and had decided that she did in fact want him........I didn't want to let go :(

Cute twins in the clinic, called Andile and Bandile :)



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