Women's Day

Happy Women's Day for tomorrow everybody! I will be in the throes of the Labour Ward, enjoying being at work on a PB. Fuck that sucks. A. Lot!

Anyway, enough complaining... I hope you all celebrate women and appreciate how far we have come from those days where women had no say, no education and were pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen. Oh wait. That still happens in Saudi!

Tomorrow is my first call being in charge of my colleagues, who I have worked with for the last 6 months. I will rally the troops. Be firm, yet approachable. Create an environment of focused discipline in which we all excel. Whatever! I just hope that everyone listens to me. Doesn't disappear and go to sleep at 3am and leave me holding the fort (enough with the army talk). And that I don't fuck up!

Wish me luck!



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