The crazies out there

I have been SO busy lately, apologies for the lack in posts.

This morning I was listening to Gareth Cliff talk about this woman in Australia who knits with her vagina. Initially I thought she actually knitted with her vagina, but she just "stores" the wool there and yanks it out as she knits. Strange thing to one day ask, "I wonder if I can stick a yarn of wool in my vajayjay and knit with it." The Ping Pong exhibitionists in Bangkok are certainly not getting a run for their money out of this Aussie. I have personally seen someone keep an egg inside them for an entire show only to end with a clench that releases a yolk...

I think she just wanted people to not fear The Vulva, as she aptly puts it. How about just getting a Brazilian and some sexy lingerie? Not sure who would want to wear that scarf she's knitting, especially the "period" section, but hey, each to their own!



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