This week I...

...met the most wonderful patient. She was going to die. But she had the most amazing spirit.

...in true Jersey shore style, spent my weekend doing GTL (gym, tan, laundry)

...watched the new Kimye music video. What. The. Fuck. Worst song. Worst porn movie. Basically a motorbike in front of a green screen. Watch it here.

...had a sick puppy on my hands, who needed to be admitted for IV fluids. Bless

...watched the latest ANN7 fuck up. At least 5 times. Hilarious.

 (Tourette's coupled with hand turning a dial. Classic.)

What did you get up to?



1 comment:

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

I have always loved patients that leave a little "peace" of them with you after they have gone xx

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