Definition: to give female genitals a sparkly makeover with crystals, so as to enhance their appearance.

Note: don't read this if you are a ninny!

I thought vajazzling would not have lasted post-2010. Unfortunately it has. What a fucking stupid idea. Sticking/glueing/bonding gem like gadgets onto your parts!

Firstly, it involves meticulous grooming, which most people don't have time for, otherwise it will be like The Hunt For The Red Sparkle amidst the Amazon jungle.

Secondly, anything that involves attaching things onto your sensitive areas with a form of glue, sounds like a funny story for the casualty doctor who sees you once you can't get them off, or have second degree burns on your flower.

Thirdly. How can this be at all attractive to a male. It's sparkly for exactly 0.02 nanoseconds and then it just becomes something that causes a friction rub.


That being said, a patient with a vajazzle, would sure beat someone with warts, an offensive discharge or the good old clap.



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Openbabel said...

This would be an attractive proposition if a Brazilian style was adopted..however it does say that you care what your partner thinks which is romantic!I recently discovered that in the high days of the Milan rouge this fashion would fit in well with the Can Can chorus line!

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