Christmas Spirit

I usually HATE Christmas! I don't know what it is about it that I hate...

Actually I do...

1. They play Christmas music in the shops in October
2. Trying to buy presents on the 24th of December is a task I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy
3. My extended family live in Germany and so Christmas has never been a big "do" as it was always just me and my parents...no strange and quirky relatives to deal with, not enough booze and pulling crackers between 3 can be a bit lame
4. I don't see the point of spending a lot of money buying presents, buying ridiculously expensive flights home and being forced to pretend it's the best day ever!

This year things have changed. I am fully going to embrace the Christmas cheer! I have bought all my presents already (online), I am enjoying the Christmas music and have purchased Michael Buble's latest Christmas CD and the She & Him Christmas CD too! I have bought loads of cool Christmas stationary for making special cards and am making The Boyf his very own unique Advent Calendar, which involves opening an envelope each day with a quote and some sweeties. I have become the worst kind of person...the kind that wishes people "Merry Christmas" on the street 3 weeks early, the Christmas equivalent of Bridezilla :)

Join me in my Christmas madness!



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