Hover vs Sit

The eternal debate between females using toilets; do you sit or do you hover/squat?


I must admit I have belonged to both categories. I used to be of the hover variety, only sitting on my own toilet at home. Whenever I was out with one of my BFFs and we used to go to the toilet (as you do with girlfriends), I used to shout over the cubicle "don't sit!" and she would shout back "too late!". She has no strange diseases and so I started being lazy and sitting. I will always thoroughly inspect the toilet seat first and will never sit on petrol station toilets. I do not have herpes, strange growths or any other kind of gross bug, and so I will continue to be diffident and plonk myself down.

We always moan that it is so unfair that men can just relieve themselves anywhere. Well you can stop complaining and purchase one of these female urinary devices.


I for one, am not convinced! Where do you keep this? In your car or handbag? What do you do with the pee when you're done? And how to you store it once used? Wrapped up in a Pick 'n Pay plastic packet? Nope. Sorry not for me!

Do you hover or sit?



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Im far to lazy! I sit! LOL

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