Names parents give..........

Whilst working in the Emergency department over the last 2 years, I have come across many children accompanied by their parents. Sometimes they have runny noses, sometimes they have a cough and SOMETIMES they have a genital problem. Now I know that the term penis or vagina might not be appropriate for a little squirts bits, but I have heard some shockers.....

"My daughter has a sore on her cookie....."

"My son's dick keeps getting hard..."  seriously? He is 4.....

"Little Maggie keeps scratching her flower..."

"Her ass is raw...."  No child has an ass, that would belong to the hooker down the street.

"Charlie's wot-wot is red."  His what?

"Oh I mean, Charlie's toot is red." His what?

I can handle willy and fanny, or even the correct biological terms, but please leave these silly names at home!



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