I am finally home!

I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to come back to South Africa, and back to Cape Town. I don't think I truly realised how much I had missed it, until I was back.

The last few days have been wonderful. I started off celebrating my 30th birthday. From being spoilt rotten by getting a  phenomenal Canon 1100 EOS from The Boyf and all my friends, to a last meal at Jamie Oliver's, to ending my final night in London with all the special people in my life. BUT...Friday morning was not fun! I was hungover, not fully packed and the moving people came to fetch my boxes that I was shipping home at 8am! I arrived at Heathrow later that day, with my suitcase weighing 32kg. The check-in lady was not sympathetic to my inability to pack only "necessary" things when immigrating. That being said, I was that "person", who has to open their suitcase in front of everyone, with underwear hanging out the sides, trying to remove a few kilograms.

Eventually I was on the plane, too nauseous to be sad at saying goodbye to The Boyf, ready for the long haul flight. I settled in quickly with a tomato cocktail in hand and swooning over Ryan Gosling in Drive.

Finally being back on African soil, has been a revelation. I have spent the past 2 days by the pool, eating lobster with the family, walks on the beach. BLISS!




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Jacci said...

Welcome home friend and well done on your win!

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