Day 9 of 18

While The Boyf is in India, I decided that I would work as much as I could to earn a few pounds to take back home (as I have saved fuck all NOTHING since being here for nearly 16 months). I have overextended myself slightly and committed to do 18 days in a row. Including Saturdays. And Sundays. Basically 18 days with no break. None. At. All.

Today is Day 9 and whilst I should be rejoicing in being almost halfway, I want to slit my wrists and paint my suicide note on the wall with my own blood. Yes, it's that bad! I hate every patient I see. I loathe their minor complaints and I don't fucking give a shit. Not today. Not tomorrow. And not for the next 9 days.


slightly grumpy LMM


1 comment:

Caroline said...

Ha ha Kim!!! Hang in there...almost SA time x

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