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Set in London in 1961, this film follows the life of 16-year old Jenny, played by Carey Mulligan. She leads a run of the mill existence for her age and has aspirations to go to Oxford University, until she meets David. David, played by Peter Sarsgaard, seems cultured and open-minded and Jenny is swept off her feet as he introduces her to shows, pubs and weekends away in Paris. She is completely deluded and decides against all dreams of further study.

Scenes depicting David speaking in a child-like manner to Jenny are slightly Lolita-like, as she falls for his devilish charm. The screenplay was adapted from a true story written by Lynn Barber, by Nick Hornby, who manages to add some slightly amusing events to this film.

A movie I really enjoyed and would recommend.



P.S: News from Rome to come later this week

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Jacci said...

i really enjoyed this movie.

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