Neighbours from Hell!


Our flat block can be quite noisy, but we haven't had any problems, except for the man upstairs, until 2 months ago. It seems a bunch of people, I assume they are young, moved in the flat block next door. I have never seen them but I can hear them through my bedroom wall. They seem to have parties at home, all the time. On a Sunday night. On a Monday night. On a Thursday morning. They often come home around 3am and continue the party till the next day.

Last night I was woken up at 04:15am. Now I haven't been in the best of moods lately, especially since I had just finished day 11 of 18 in this hellish work marathon. I wake up to the sound of music blaring, what sounds like people jumping up and down and hideous singing. Deep breath.

Seeing I have no idea where their flat actually is, as it's in another block, I do they only thing that I can. I bang on the wall with an umbrella for a good 60 seconds. I have become that person! The person who bangs on the wall. Sigh.

Today I am grumpy. Very. Grumpy. And it's day 12. Sigh.



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