Noisy Neighbours

Living in a flat in London is not quite the same as living in a flat in Cape Town. You literally end up knowing your neighbours quite well, their showering habits, when they go to bed and what they get up to on a Saturday night. I have gotten quite used to the constant noise, but some things can just not be ignored!

We have a 60-something man living above us. He is never noisy, keeps his TV down and never stays awake late. His bed seems to be directly above ours, as I can hear him getting into and out of bed sometimes. For the last 2 nights, while The Boyf has been away doing night shifts, I have gotten into bed to enjoy the sanctuary of reading my book in peace and quiet. The first night, I heard what sounded like a large fart from above! Yip, a fart. I thought I must be imagining it, but last night I heard it again. Mr 60-something is doing something most people can do in the privacy of their own home, only, I can hear him. Hearing flatus being emitted from the anal ring, whilst trying to fall asleep, is in no way soothing, relaxing or undisturbing. It's just plain GROSS!



Yet another reason why I can't wait till I am back home!




Bronwyn said...

Constantiaberg has a post for you :-)

Che said...

hahaha :) and you say it do eloquently! lol

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