I'm back.........finally!

Karma is a bitch!

I must admit I have been very lucky this year, with all the trips I have done. I do work very hard when I am not off, often working over 2 weeks straight, day and night. Karma must not have noticed this, because she decided to bite me in a big way on my final trip of the Summer, in Greece.

Greece was amazing. Here is a quick low down!

Athens - Acropolis is beautiful, the rest is very dirty.

Santorini - this island is my heaven. From beaches, to quadbikes, to donkeys.

Ios - not very happening as Summer has died down and not much to see.

Mykonos - Little Venice, giant pelicans and winding white-washed walls.

Basically Greece was amazing, except when I wanted to leave. See the people of Greece are very unhappy and unfortunately had been striking throughout my holiday, but it only really affected me on departure day.

Departure Day:

- pack bags (stupidly for the first time ever! decide to put my jewellery in my suitcase)
- wish friends goodbye
- head to airport
- check in luggage
- flight gets cancelled
- everyone rushes like mad to the ticket office to get a new flight
- unbeknown to passengers, luggage gets dumped in the middle of the depature room.
- am next in queue hoping to get on next flight to Athens, where connecting flight takes me home to London
- get on next flight
- run to collect my suitcase as I have 10 minutes to board
- cannot find suitcase
- inform police and airline, who laugh at me in Greek
- have mini-cry
- pull myself together
- go to back of ticket office queue
- get told there are no more flights today
- say hello to friends again
- buy cheap bikini and spend rest of the day at the hotel pool sulking
- go out for dinner in wonderful attire I was wearing for plane ride

Day 2 of being stranded:

- put on my wonderful "clean" clothes
- do not pack bags as I have no bags
- wish friends goodbye...again
- head to airport
- check-in sans luggage
- hold thumbs flight is not cancelled
- board plane and am so excited Greek people are not striking in Athens
- arrive in Athens
- check-in for next flight...sans luggage
- wait 5 hours for connection
- buy food with my last 4 euros
- flight is delayed by one hour due to knock-on delay of previous day's flights
- start to get hungry
- flight is delayed by 90 minutes
- start to get ravenous
- flight eventually boards
- sit in plane for an hour before take off
- plane takes off (woo hoo)
- make mental list of all the things I have lost (ghd, 5 rings, 2 bracelets, 3 necklaces, sand from all the beaches in Greece, souvenirs for loved ones, favourite skirt from Thailand, ring from Croatia, travel journal, perfume..........and the list goes on)

So all in all a wonderful holiday with a super shit ending!



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