Why are there so many crazy people in this world?

Last week I saw 8 crazy patients in one day. When I say crazy, what I actually mean is properly F*%ked in the head!

Patient 1:

He decided to OD on paracetamol....AGAIN! It is probably his 20th attempt to kill himself. Funny thing is he never quite takes enough tablets to do it, but enough that the ambulance brings him in.

Patient 2:

Sees aeroplanes flying into buildings.

Patient 3:

Has "fake" seizures. Most amusing to watch. Her whole body shakes when doctors are around. Disappear and they stop.

Patient 4:

Drunk. Looks homeless. Thinks the water in his flat is poisonous so he comes to the hospital to drink the water from the water cooler.

Patient 5,6, 7:

Just your normal crazy

Patient 8:

Swallows things. She deserves her own post and I will tell you more about her later this week!



Giveaway ends today and the winner is......me! (nobody entered so I will welcome these espadrilles to my growing collection of 3 pairs!)

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Bronwyn said...

They didn't fit... otherwise would have entered! :-)

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