I have always wanted a tattoo. For years now I have been putting it off! I haven't found anything meaningful enough to permanently ink on my skin. The area to tattoo also poses a great question. I have always thought the wrist would be awesome, but not too sure I'd like that after 10 years...

2 years ago, The Boyf and I went on holiday to Thailand. I was determined to get a tattoo there and you can literally get one at every street corner. One night I proposed a plan to The Boyf. We should both get tattoos, not matching ones though. We decided what we would each get and went for a few or a hundred cocktails beforehand. We found a tattoo joint and The Boyf decided to go first. He drew his design onto a piece of paper. It was a juvenile drawing at best. I watched as they prepared everything and was shocked as I saw they used the old method of tattooing, which involved ink in a bamboo stick attached to a blade. There was no way I would have tattoo that way! That being said, The Boyf left that night with a 3 year old's drawing on his right bum cheek and I left with none!

Now that I am in Greece, I have been pondering the following ideas....


But I would get my tattoo here....like Hilary Duff


What do you think?




Jacci said...

do it!
i'm more of the spur of the moment lets get a tattoo kindof girl, and i haven't regretted mine. sometimes over thinking things just leads to nothing :)
btw. well done on not getting the thailand tattoo, they're really nasty!

Rowland Pickup said...

A friend has one on her wrist & looks cool. I don't think "roman baths & pump room" would be appropriate just below your belly button ;)

Bobby said...

Cool! Just got one last week and I love it!

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