Today, after a 9-day-in-a-row stint, I am finally off for a few days and The Boyf and I are heading to Amsterdam.

The cafes, the cheese, the tulips, the Van Gogh Museum.................

My last shift yesterday, proved to be a big send off. I had the worst patients ever, but the cherry on top was when a blue call came in. This usually means the patient is extremely sick or injured and a few doctors are available to deal with the patient. The patient was so drunk his GCS was 3/15 ie he was literally not conscious AT ALL! This guy comes in at least once a week and was only discharged 2 days earlier. He is always so drunk that he often ends up having a brain scan, because we can't be sure its just due to alcohol (he has had over 200 brain scans and will probably get cancer from all the radiation). When we started undressing him, we saw that he had delightfully shat himself. He then vomited and starting coughing up copious amounts of brown crap that went everywhere. After 3 hours of dealing with this guy, I felt like I was covered in shit from head to toe. It was disgusting! I had to become an obligate mouth breather and when I got home, I threw my scrubs in the bin and had the longest shower ever! Alot of wine was consumed last night and as I am packing my suitcase, which will be carry on luggage!!!!!, I am nursing a slight headache thanks to unknown white male.



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Jacci said...

enjoy your holidays :)

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