Movie of the Week

I recently watched this film on DVD. Directed by Rodrigo Cortes, Buried, is a story of a single man, Paul Conroy, who is buried underground in a coffin. The only character we see in this movie, is played by Ryan Reynolds. I had always thought of him as the comedian in movies such as Van Wilder, but in this film he really bring his acting A-game.

Paul Conroy is an American truck driver working in Iraq. His convoy is attacked and he wakes up to find himself in a wooden coffin with only a cellphone and a Zippo lighter. As he races against time, we watch him hopelessly makes calls to his loved ones and the authorities in America trying aid his rescue.

I didn't think the idea of an entire feature film in a box with one actor would work, but this ingenious idea definitely paid off and is a masterpiece.





A Daft Scots Lass said...

Thanx for commenting on my blog. Be sure to come back and read some more!

Bailey Schneider said...

Yikes! Looks scary and enthralling! I love thrillers. Will have to watch it :)
Love from Bailey of Vanilla Blonde

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