A Visit From the Goon Squad

This was my final London bookclub read. I am extremely sad to have said goodbye to all the wonderful ladies that I have spent the last year getting to know. We had amazing evenings, filled with intelligent chatter, tipsy gossip and yummy food. The best part of the night would be when we would all discuss the last month of our lives. Each person would chat a bit and then everyone would turn to me and say, "So LMM, what crazy, funny, ridiculous stories can you tell us about your patients?" Ha! Their bookclub will definitely not be the same without my patient anecdotes :)

This brings us onto the topic of final read. What can I say about this book? To be completely honest, I cannot even tell you what it is about. Each chapter jumps to a different time with different characters. I thought it would all come together in the end, like an Oprah "a-ha" light bulb moment, but it didn't. There was shoplifting, a music, coffee with gold flakes, but I cannot for the life of me find the gist of the story. Some characters did reappear, but by then I couldn't remember where they came from.I was confused and kept wondering if I was the only person who was retarded enough not to "get" this critically acclaimed novel. If you have read it, please help me out!

I am now on the prowl for capetonian readers to start my very own bookclub.



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