Book Giveaway

I recently won this book on Tanya Kovarsky's blog, Rattle and Mum.

I had actually won Paige Nick's first book on her blog, A Million Miles From Normal, and could not wait to sink my teeth into the second. Paige Nick is a blogging extraordinaire, copywriter and columnist for The Sunday Times...her book could never in a million years not be great!

We follow the lives of two contrasting characters. One being Stella, who is newly married and happily plodding along in her controlled bliss, until the day that shatters her existence, family and marriage; and Poppy who is hitch-hiking across America, with nothing but a backpack and a pink hairdo. Paige Nick manages to create moments that are equally hilarious, yet poignantly serious at the same time.

I absolutely loved this book and after just coming back from London, I cherished the many South Africanisms. I am excitedly awaiting the third novel :)

I also got a copy of Julie and Julia, which I had already read, but who can ever get enough of that book?


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